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For the Chinese Charm online Slot game, one of another fun Slot game in the Galaxy Slot service that uses the images instead of the prize symbols. And with the feature of the game that you will experience with an exciting ancient Chinese Culture. The Playing Rules of CHINESE CHARM SLOT Chinese Charm Galaxy Slot,… Read More »

Mantic Orb Galaxy Slot

One of another service that we recommend. Mantic Orb is a 5 Reels online Slot game in GALAXY SLOT. Another service that you can enjoy with the reward in many games. The maximum multiplier bonus is 5 times. Spin the same image in a row to get 2 images up can be won a bonus.… Read More »

The 12th Kingdom Galaxy Slot

Galaxy Slot please enjoy the most exciting Online Slots. THE 12th KINGDOM is one of the popular Slot game with the GALAXY SLOT that use the playing method by just spinning Slot and use the image instead of the prize symbol. It will bring you into the Jackpot castle that for the Slot players should… Read More »

Dynamite Wild Galaxy Slot

Dynamite Wild Slot ready to blast the fun here. Galaxy Slot online Dynamite Wild is a 5 Reels Slot game that can be won from 2 Reel up. In addition, Dynamite Wile Slots also has Wild symbol. If rotated, it can replace itself in any form. It’s very easy to be win. The rules to… Read More »


Online Baccarat card game Galaxyslot is the most powerful online card game at this time. Beside the rules are easy to understand and knowing the result is quickly that making the people interested in playing continuously. Baccarat cards have 2 sides bet, Dealer and Player side. Just the players predict that, which side cards can… Read More »


GOLD FACTORY​ or Online Slot game Gold Factory is a colorful graphic Slot game service in GOLDEN SLOT. It’s another service that we recommend with the most fun Slot spinning to win the Jackpot prizes every day. GOLD FACTORY is a Slot symbols image that full of colorful graphics really fun to play. The content… Read More »


House of Dragon Online Slot, which is provided by Goldenslot, is a 5 reels Slot game. Enjoy the fun with Slot Online game with Dragon and Chisese culture. It’s another quality game that the Slot players should not miss. Online Slot Goldenslot play with the real payout without cheating absolutely. Register as a new member… Read More »


HITMAN SLOT game service from Goldenslot that is very popualar in nowadays. Online Slot game, HitMan is both movie and game that many people are well known with various characters that come in the form of a Golden Slot online Slot symbol. Hitman is the most popular killer Slot game with the design of playing… Read More »


REEL GEMS GOLDENSLOT, which is very popular in Goldenslot that you can play online through website anywhere, anytime. REEL GEMS Slot with the rules are easy to understand. Spin the image up to 2 or more images only, will receive the prize. If you like excitement and online gambling, we would like to recommend the… Read More »


Tarzan Goldenslot from Disney Cartoons. Tarzan Slot Online Slot game with a story about a little boy who had to live in the forest with a Gorilla monkey is raising up as a guardian. In the cartoon, how fun! we have no answer but if the Tarzan Online Slot of how fun is it! we… Read More »