Promotion For GUS999.COM Members

The promotion of Slots Casino Online Football Betting

Invite you to taste the experience with recieving the privilege of promotion to be the member and join with website. Excited with a variety of bets including live casino games, online slots and electronic games. The game copy from Casino that make you interesting with the popular games ranked such as the award of Jackpot distribution and special bonus in credit of game account. For football promotions, you can enjoy with our activities. Giveaways for members who have registered to play sport betting, online football betting with the special bonuses that will allow you to enjoy your favorite team with a chance to win prizes of this privileges for members only. Apply for membership, please contact to Call Center service.

Hot Promotions Free Bonus 50%

1. The bonus amount that will receive a maximum amount, not more than 2,000 baht (Turn Over 4 times)
2. We will fill as a credit only.
3. Bonus request has the right to receive bonus for only 1 person in 1 User only.
4.The minimum deposit is 500 baht up, therefore can be received of this bonus.
5.The company reserves the right to give bonuses. If the members is unable to complete this conditions.
6. New members registration must have a new information that is not relevant to the original information, which the company system are available and the staff’s decision will have the right to consider in all cases.

*** If the members of ball has informed to withdraw the amount with bonus, the ball member must have a turnover whether winning or losing when betting and the results will be counted together, therefore can be withdrawn the total amount with bonus.

Conditions : If the member wants to withdraw money from the user, the amount of money that can be played has not yet reached for 5 times, our staff reserves the right to pull the bonus back.

The promotions for referral friend free bonus 20%

More details : Recommend a friend, apply for a new member of, the maximum not more than 2,000 Baht (Turn Over 3 times).
Friend recommended receive an additional 20% bonus from the friend’s first deposit and up to 2,000 baht

*** Such as the customer who have registered as a new member, the first deposit is 5,000 baht. The referrer will receive credit more free 500 baht.

Condition : The customer of who subscribes to new members must have an unique information in the same database that the company Online football betting agents are available, such as name-surname, telephone number, account number, E-Mail, IP Address. In case of the member use the same User with both sides playing in the opposite way, the staff will immediately disqualify in any activity that members use multiple users with both sides playing. The company reserves the right to change the rules without prior notice. The staff’s decision of is considered to be the end.

The promotions 10% for Casino members, not more than 1,000 Baht (Turn Over 4 times)

More details : Casino members receive an additional 10% bonus from the first deposit of the day. The limited amount is not more than 1,000 Baht per 1 User. Receive an additional bonuses every day by adding immediately while depositing money from 08:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs.
Casino members who have received this bonus must have 4 times of winning amount such as: deposit 1,000 baht + bonus 100 + play for 4,400 up, can withdraw with this bonus.

The promotion for Returning of 10% Losing

1. Every week, you will receive 10% additional credit from the amount that is lost.
2. Return 10% every week for members who lost only.
3. Members must have at least 5 days of play per week. Therefore can be received a 10% return.
4. The staff will fill the credit for you every Monday at 20.00 hrs

The Promotion 5% for Football betting members, Maximum not more than 1,000 baht (Turn Over 4 times)

More Details : For football betting members will receive an additional 5% bonus from the first deposit of the day. The limited amount is not more than 500 Bath per 1 User. Receive additional bonuses every day by adding immediately while depositing money from 08:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs. For the ball member must have a turn over (Turn Over 4 times) up, therefore can be withdrawn with the bonus.