Dynamite Wild Galaxy Slot

By | May 8, 2019

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Dynamite Wild Slot ready to blast the fun here. Galaxy Slot online Dynamite Wild is a 5 Reels Slot game that can be won from 2 Reel up. In addition, Dynamite Wile Slots also has Wild symbol. If rotated, it can replace itself in any form. It’s very easy to be win.

The rules to play Dynamite Wild Slot

Online Slot, the quality products from Galaxy Slot Dynamite Wild 5 Reel Slot, there are 5 lines in the line form. The image is in the same line at least 2 Reels. The victory of the online Slot is counted from the left to the right.
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Dynamite Wild Slot Galaxy Slot Reward Payout Rate

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Example of reward payout Of online Slot game Dynamite Wild Slot
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  • Rotated 5 images, payout 1000
  • Rotated 4 images, payout 200
  • Rotated 3 images, payout 80

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  • Special image of Wild type, special symbol, Dynamite Wild figure. If appearing on REELS 3 is the total bet, is considered as a SCATTER WIN.
  • The symbol is Wild, it substitutesfor all symbols, and changes all adjacent symbols into Wild.