By | February 10, 2019

afb88 พนันกีฬาออนไลน์

E-SPORT if call a full name is Electronic sports that is a video game of competition. There are the competitions according to the types of the video game such as Battlefielf games, Fighting games, Sport games via the electronic device. There are the competition both on apply for semi-professional and professional leve, that make the competition with more excited, fun and has a lots of people interested in betting on E-sport. AFB88 is vailable for the gamers and all the players here. Apply for membership and join for fun now.

1. Access to AFB88 web, Select E-SPORT

When entering the AFB88 website, select the SportBook top menu and then choose the sports type that will be played from the left menu, E-Sport

2. Online E-SPORT Betting

Select E-SPORT

Once selected E–SPORT, there will be a daily E-SPORT tournament table come up. Let you choose a match that will be bet by pressing on the​ percentage price. Then there will be a message box in the left menu to enter the bet amount. You enter the bet that you will bet. Check it correctly, then click to complete the transaction.

3. The betting form of the e-sport AFB88 is as follows

Moneyline Form

Moneyline form means betting on e-sports to predict the winner of that game. There are only 2 players, for example Team A matches with Team B. The score after the game ended is 70-65. If you bet on Team A, you are the winner but if you bet on Team B, you are the loser of this bet etc,. The number of multipliers when winning will depend on the skill and smartness of each team.

Hadicap Form

Hadicap Form means betting on E-SPORT to give or get a hadicap from one side of the team before match or during a match. The side that will win the match is the side that has the better score after the points are combined with the number of handicaps.

Over / Under Form

Over / Under Form means betting on E-SPORT to predict the total score of the game. The match in each game is different such as CSGO will count the total score number of the games on both sides, Dota2 will count the total score number of killings on both sides. If the total score is more than the pre-determined amount, the result of the bet is Over. But if the total score is less than the pre-dertermined amount, the result of the bet is Under.