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Dragon Tiger online game 855 Crown online casino enjoy live betting games. Dragon Tiger live card gambling game from live casinos. Playing online casino games is like a real playling. New style by measured to each side’s card. Dragon Tiger, some casinos that may use the name of Dragon Tiger is a game that has gained popularity in the last three years. In the game will measure which scores of the cards are more than, will be the winner. There are 4 slots for the players to choose from : Tiger, Dragon, Tie, Pair card. The players that have never been played through online before, we have prepared about the method of how to play for you to read as a preliminary knowledge before playing.

How to play DRAGON TIGER

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  • 1. Select the amount to bet. We will see that, it has 3 main box options are : “Tiger”, “Equal”, “Dragon”.
  • 2. Select the box options that you want to bet. Then select the box options that we want to bet on such as choosing to bet on “Tiger” box, the amount of “1,000” baht.
  • 3. Press the confirmation button at the bottom right of the screen ( Betting should be within the specified period, can be seen from the numbers that countdown at the top of the screen)
  • 4. When we press confirm, after that wait for the countdown time continuously until the staff opens the card. The cards show the number of the cards. The card of “Tiger” will be on the left hand side. And the cards that show the numbers of “Dragon” will be on the right hand side. By which cards with the highest scores, that card will win. Let’s look at the counting scores.
  • 5. When the staff turns the card face up, which side has a higher score than, that side is a winner. In addition, we can also bet on other as well. For example, unless we are able to bet on the Tiger side or the Dragon side, we can also bet on the “Even” or “Odd” numbers as well. I will try to give you an example to show up for a better understanding.
    • Counting Scores of Dragon Tiger Card

    • 1. Card “A” Ace counted as 1 point
    • 2. Cards with the suits​ 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 counted according to the number of suits.
    • 3. Card “J” counted as 11 points
    • 4. Card “Q” counted as 12 points
    • 5. Card “K” counted as 13 points. That card is the highest score.

The rules to play DRAGON TIGER 855 Crown

dragon tiger ไพ่เสือมังกร 855Crown

  • 1. Dragon is the first card of the player, Tiger is the first card of the Banker.
  • 2. The cards will count from small to big, A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, K, regardless of color.
  • 3. Payout for Dragons and Tigers, the rate is 1: 1, and for the equal price, the rate is 1:8
  • 4. For Equal, Dragon and Tiger have to lose half amount of bet.

The payout rate of Dragon Tiger 855 Crown

Playing Dragon Tiger is to bet on one option. If the card that we bet on is higher, will be win. If we were lucky to bet on the side is correct, ti was easy to get money. And more than that, so that the bets are not repeated. Dragon Tiger card also allows us to choose to bet on Even, Odd, Red, Black as well.






will get 1 time of the bet amount or stab amount x 1



will get 1 time of the bet amount or stab amount x 1



will get 1 time of the bet amount or stab amount x 8



will get 75% of the bet amount or stab amount x 0.75



will get 150% of the bet amount or stab amount x 1.5



will get 90% of the bet amount or stab amount x 0.9



will get 90% of the bet amount or stab amount x 0.9