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855 Crown Online Game 855crown is an online game website from one of the most trusted gambling game organizations and the casinos that well known in the settlement and online in Cambodia. Our 855 Group provide the best service as a company, which the bookmaker, who takes bets the same as the distributor. Online game casino live broadcast from a real casino with a real identity in our 855 Crown Bavet and 855 Crown Poipet Casino residence. In additon, we also receive full form of sports betting. Besides this, we have a license from the government of Cambodia.​ We provide the best leading service and the great fun games that are well-known throughout the world.

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Crown Casino has been offered the service to our customers for over 10 years to create a fun field and an exciting entertainment atmosphere. Crown Casino has been sacrificed to enhance the quality of service and food that most them give to the customers.

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Download casino games for PC Desktop / Laptop is officially opened for casino games. The desktop PC version can be installed with all models of Windows. If there is a problem installing, please contact us to fix for everyone to play.


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Introduce the popular game of Online Casino 855 Crown

แนะนำเกมส์ยอดนิยม 855Crown


Dealer will dealt the card at least two cards into two sides “Player” and “Banker”…[Read more]

P2P Games


1. Being a new game, we have a countdown timer to bet on the defferent players to choose the chips and place bets.
2. After stopping the bet, the dealer will rotate the wheel and spinning a ball in the Roulette wheel pocket number…[Read more]

Slot Online


Dragon and Tiger is a an easiest game in the Casino. The Dealer will deal the two cards for the players (Dragon) and for the Banker (Tiger). And any side with the biggest score, will be win, not including the color of the card, K for the largest card of the winning score, the cards show the result from big to small : K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 A. When the score is equal, there is no lose/win result…[Read more]



You just only bet on the numbers of the three dice. If the result of the dice and your bet is the same, you will win and the resul of the dice is different, you will lose…[Read more]



Fantan is a game that has players since ancient times in China. Later on in the half of the 19th century, it was very popular in western America with on a square table and at the central of the table with a square mark…[Read more]