Mahjong ROYAL RUBY888

By | March 8, 2019

Royal Ruby888

Mahjong (maajan) is a Betting game online of Ruby888 Casino, is a maajan card to play for 2 people with the new style of playing and fun. This game can play for 2 people and a distinctive look.

The Rules of playing Ruby888 Mahjong

ไพ่นกกระจอก Royal Ruby888

Ruby888 Mahjong Card playing by smoothly with the random events that contains sound, pictures, comedy and the proccessing of cards changed, ect. Create the excitement atmoshpere with fun and make the player get the real success.

ไพ่นกกระจอก Royal Ruby888

The equiments of the cards that use to play Mahjong game, there are all 136 pieces including 36 pieces, Boung set 36 pieces, Sos set 36 pieces, thys set 16 pieces and dragon set 12 pieces. Each time you start playing, you will automatically select 71 cards.

ไพ่นกกระจอก Royal Ruby888

When start to play Mahjong game and the dealer will have 14 cards (Mahjong Royal Ruby888 game, all the times of playing game, the system will automatically select the dealer). The players will have 13 cards and the dealer will choose a card that is not useful. The player has the right to “Chhaov” “Fong” or “Gong” cards that dealer took out or choose to add more cards and take out cards. Maajan card can play only 2 people.

The Specific words of playing Ruby888 Mahjong Card

  • Hold the cards to start playing Mahjong card game. All players hold the cards in sequence. The proccessing of holding 13 cardsis are called Holding Card.
  • The sequence cards is a set of 3 cards of the same color and the number of cards are in sequence such as ” Yitong Seatong Sytong”.
  • Triple Cards are set of 3 cards with the same cards. Example: nine, 3 cards.
  • Triple Eab Cards are set of triple cards which have 3 cards and catch by itself not triple cards out Fong or Gong.
  • Muk Chak after we called card, the other players will out of the card to make us win.
  • Nang cards the same 2 cards from the other set of card.
  • Letter Cards 7 types cards such as ” OuTorng NamHieng SaiHieng OngTorng ChhaeHout PosPong all of this called Letter Card.
  • 4 Winds Card ” EavTorng Namheik Saihieng Pokhieng” all of this called 4 Winds Card.
  • San Hee Yin Card ” OungTorng Chhaehout Pospang ” all of this called San Hee Yin PhuAvoso Card ” ExBoun KavBoun Chavsos EavThoung KavThoung ” all of this called PhuAvoso Card, the character of card is not enough : the character of this card is overlap if many types is Fan.
  • Simple Crad in case of the players say that “Muk Chak” and never have the card like this is considered Simple 1 Fan.
  • Simple Crad in case of the players say that “Muk Chak” and never have the card like this is considered Simple 1 Fan. automatically after that can not change the card. The system will help to add cards and play instead of the players automatically untill said that ” Muk Chak” or the players shoot the gun and ask that ” Muk chak” or not if agree to say “Muk Chak” the action to called card will be finished automatically. Then there will a window to calculate the result came out. Mahjong Crad if not to say “Muk Chak” still continue to called card automatically.
  • Thorng Fva called card after the system deal the card. In case, the dealer out 1 card and choose to call card automatically. But for the players added 1 card and choose to call card automatically then throw a card that add that time is considered Thorng Fva called 2 Fans card.
  • In case, no internet access : The system will help to play card instead of the players who lost the internet till the game will be overed automatically.