By | February 10, 2019

afb88 พนันกีฬาออนไลน์

Online Basketball Betting of AFB88 is an alternative for the players who want to have fun and excitement in the other ways. Besides of online football betting, especially for those who like to play basketball also can enjoy to bet on online basketball and can generate with much profits, due to the knowledge of the competition and the other teams. How to access and online basketball betting rules can be learned as below:

1. Access to AFB88 web, select basketball

When have accessed to AFB88 web, you have to choose the SportBook top menu then choose the sport types that will be played from the menu on the right, basketball.

2. Bet on Basketball and Place bets

Select Basketball

Once you have selected the Basketball, there will be a basketball tournament list come up. Let you choose a match that want to bet by pressing on the percentage price then there will be a message box in the left menu to enter the bet amount that you will bet. Let you check your bet​ first, correctly. Then click to complete the​ transaction.

3. The form of Basketball Betting AFB88

Hadicap Form

Hadicap Form means a betting on basketball to give a hadicap or get a hadicap from one of the team before match or during the match. The team that wins the match is the team that has the better score after combining the points with the number of handicaps.

Over/Under Form

Over/Under Form means a betting on Basketball to predict the total scores of that game. If the total score is more than the pre-determined amount, the result of the bet is Over but if the total score is less than the pre-determined amount, the bet result is Under.

Odd/Even Form

Odd/Even Form means betting on Basketball to predictive the total of that score, whether Even or Odd. For example, the result of the score after the game ended is 60-74 so the total score is 134. If you bet on Even number, you will win the bet but if bet on Odd number, you will lose the bet etc,.

The predictive result form for the winner

The predictive result form for winner means the prediction of which team will be the winner of that match. For example, matches list of Basketball – NBA Championship 2014 will predict that the Miami Heat team will be the champion in this matches. If the result of the matches announces that the Miami Heat team is the champion in this match so that you will be win the bet but if you predict that the Chicago Bulls will be the champion in this matches so considered that you will be lose the bet etc.