By | April 18, 2019

Online Roulette Reddragon88 the most popular old table games. In nowadays, types of online casino games are very popular. Online Roulette, register to play Roulette Reddragon88 Casino is very easy. Enjoy to play with a variety of betting forms. By this game is one of another online gambling game which is the customers love to play. The service in Reddragon88 casino is a gambling game that uses the Roulette wheel, which has the numbers from 0-36 appearing on the dial. Use to release the Roulette ball to stop at any number, which is the source of many types of betting.

The rules to play Online Roulette Reddragon88

roulette reddragon88

  • 1. In the case that the total results come out are error, the total results will be seized based on live images as the principle.
  • 2. In case of during the game, the system must be stopped in any case to modify. The system will return the bet amount to the players.
  • 3. If the staff has stopped the act on Roulette, not whether in any case, that game will make a new rotation.
  • 4. The characteristics and methods of the operation of this roulette game are made to be the best in the casino. Use images from live broadcasts to see the numbers​ clearly. In the case of an error but does not affect the summary results as follows:
    • (a) In the case that the staff spins the ball and the ball was not completely rotated for three rounds, then derailed.
    • (b) In the case that the ball is rotated but the ball is dropped outside the roulette machine, it is considered “floating ball”.
    • (c) In the case that the ball is rotated on a rotating track but does not stop, the croupier will stop the roulette round board and will bring the ball to place the total result of the board and will spin the roulette and the new ball.
  • 5. In case of during the game,there may be an interruption of the Internet, service unavailable or error that may not be able to see a live image.
    • (a) In the case that the ball of the game has derailed into the numbers before a live image, will be seized according to the numbers on the track
    • (b) In the case of the ball is in the process of spinning in the circular track, and the live image is interrupted. The croupier will stop the roulette circular track and put the ball into the last board summary. If the live broadcast is normal, the croupier will start the game and spin the roulette ball.