Online Baccarat GREEN-DRAGON

By | March 5, 2019

Green Dragon Baccarat Live betting, the popular online card game with many people like to play throughout the country. Baccarat is an online betting game which the players are passionate for a long time. Green Dragon Baccarat can be played via website immedaitely without having to download the installer program. Anyway, with the rules to play online Baccarat that is easy to understand and have a high chance of winning in Green Dragon Online Casino. The rules of Baccarat playing, the most popular card game. It is a gambling game that is fun to play and with the form to play is easy to understand. The rules of how to play Baccarat in every casino will have a similar characteristics. The method of how to play Baccarat, Baccarat trick, Baccarat formula. How to play Baccarat to be rich, which is mainly will using the principle of playing according to the international rules of Baccarat today.

The rules to play Online Baccarat Green-Dragon

บาคาร่าออนไลน์ Green Dragon

Online Baccarat Baccarat game is played with eight deck card. Each card consists of four sets called Spade, Heart, Club and Diamond. The sets consists of a set of ‘King’, ‘Queen’, ‘Jack’ that called “Picture” cards and 10 cards have a value from one to ten. The “pictures” and “ten” all will be equal as “zero” and “A” will be equal as “one”.

  1. Player is betting on the player side
  2. Banker is betting on the banker side
  3. Tie Game is the outcome of Tie between Player and Banker
  4. Player Pair is the result of the player pair
  5. Banker pair is the result of the banker pair

The payout rate of Green Dragon​ Baccarat

  • PLAYER place a bet that, the Player’s total points will be win 1 : 1
  • BANKER place a bet that, the Banker’s total points will be win 1 : 0.95
  • TIE (equal) place a bet on the total points of both sides will be equal 1 : 8
  • PLAYER PAIR bet that, the first two cards of the Player side will be paired 1: 11.
  • BANKER PAIR bet that, the first two cards of the Banker side will be paired 1 : 11