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168bet with a new mordern technology and ultimate Asian game ““ that has advanced to another level for the ultimate innovation and revolution in Live casinos, sports, play stock and Keno. In the current betting game industry, our vision is to become the market leader with the best quality service for you. The ultimate innovation of game play, should be deserves, the operating system is easy to use​ and provide the best betting experience via the internet with confidential information systems,

IBET168 เดิมพันกีฬาและคาสิโนออนไลน์

secure and environment control. Team work is strive to providing you as a customer in the scope of the highest level of product development, a good sevice, quick and the payment of the winning bets is more easy and the most worthy promotions for customers. By providing the products as follows:

กีฬา (sportsbook)

Online sports betting

คาสิโน (casino)

Casino online

ล็อตเตอร์รี่ (lottery)

Lotto online

แทงมวย ออนไลน์

Muay Thai online (Thai boxing)

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Enjoy the thrilling experience of casino games from the 168Bet of the best online casinos. Can be accessed to over 100 games, the most popular online casino games not only including slots, board games, video poker or various special games that you should not miss. You will find it all here at 168Bet.

168BET’s Game

dragontiger 168bet


BACCARAT 168BET the top online casino game which is gained the popularity is number 1 of 168BET with online Baccarat game and the service is available for 24 hours with the beautiful dealers are waiting for you, ready to dealt the cards, give luck surely every day. Support playing both on iOS / Android, enjoy to all games. The rules to play Baccarat 168BET, how to play online Baccarat 168Bet …[Read more]

dragontiger 168bet

Online Hi-Lo SICBO 168BET

Online Hi-Lo Sicbo 168Bet play Hi-Lo betting game or also called Sicbo. In general, for the most players will only bet on low and high, which is a betting of a minimal risk. Although, it is not so exciting but it will make you to find the victory more often If you want to win with a small amount. You have to bet as follows. The rules to play Sicbo or online Hi-Lo …[Read more]

dragontiger 168bet


ROULETTE 168BET is another type of online betting game that gained the popularity after online Baccarat by starting with its origins in Europe and came to widespread in many countries around the world. Roulette has a simple rules, which is to predict the number of roulette balls that will run in the wheel fall down to the pocket number, that can be bet in many ways.  …[Read more]

dragontiger 168bet


is a fun card game that measure​ straight to each side. 168BET has brought you to experience with online Blackjack, real live from second per second. The purpose of Blackjack card game is to have the cards in the hand combined together to get 21 points or close to or less than 21 points. In case of a player having the first 2 cards, one card is an A card and 10 cards are considered …[Read more]

dragontiger 168bet


Dragon-Tiger 168bet online casino game from 168BET, which Dragon-Tiger or a single card game is a game that is very popular among the many players with an easy playing method and having fun to win the games. It makes the Dragon-Tiger card to be popular in a very short period …[Read more]ត