ไพ่เสือมังกร Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game

Dragon Tiger online casino game for the fearless people. Dragon Tiger card is an online casino game that is highly popular with the form and the style of play that is easy to use, no need to think much, lose/win, measure the heart each other. Dragon Tiger card game is a game that can win the prize, the two sides can win the prize of online Dragon Tiger with glub-casino.com, get free bonus immediately. Here there is an online casino website that offers Dragon Tiger games service to play 3 websites together is Gclub Casino or Royal1688 Casino and Glodenslot Casino. In 2 websites will be a normal Dragon Tiger game. In general, you will learn how dragon tiger plays?

How to play Dragon Tiger

วิธีการเล่น dragon tiger ไพ่เสือมังกร
1. The player chooses to bet on which side will have a higher cards between Dragon and Tiger or Tie is to predict both sides that have equal points.
วิธีการเล่น dragon tiger ไพ่เสือมังกร
2. The staff will deal cards (face-up cards) to Dragon 1 card and Tiger 1 card.
วิธีการเล่น dragon tiger ไพ่เสือมังกร
3. See the points of the cards between Dragon and Tiger. If any side has a higher card, it will be considered the winner. In the case that Dragon and Tiger are the same score, the result of that game is considered equal.

The Rules to play Dragon Tiger Card Game and will be didvided into Tiger side and Dragon side


By choosing to bet on which side will get a card that has more points. The largest K card counts as 13 ponits. The smallest A card count as 1 point. This Dragon Tiger Goldenslot rules will have a different form from Gclub and Royal1688 because playing with Baccarat. By playing the Dragon Tiger Glodenslot, the first card of each side is used to measure the points first and will not counting the second card. The players can choose to bet on Dragon Tiger or a Baccarat as well.

The rules to play Dragon Tiger Royal1688 are the same as Gclub, everything will be different only on the display page itself

Payout Rate of Dragon Tiger

  1. If the winning result is a Dragon, payout 1 time of the bet amount.
  2. Tie, payout 8 times of the bet amount
  3. If the winning result is a Tiger, payout 1 time of the bet amount.