By | March 8, 2019

Royal Ruby888 Blackjack

Royal Ruby888 Blackjack is a fun card game. Measure the opposite’s side. Royal Ruby888 brings you to experience Online Blackjack, playing live seconds per second. The goal of Blackjack is to have the cards in the hand come together to get 21 points or close to or less than 21 points. In case of a player having the 2 crads, one card is an A card and 10 points are considered “Blackjack”.


The rules to play Ruby888 Blackjack

The rules to play Ruby888 Blackjack Ruby888 Blackjack card game has the rules that are easy to understand, having fun to play. Blackjack will use 6 decks without using a Joker cards. When start to play the game, all players​ have to betting. After the bet has finished, the dealer will deal in each two cards for all players. The player’s two cards must be open. And for the dealer, the first card must be opened, the second card must be closed. Next, the player can draw the cards, until all players stop draw the cards. Then the dealer will draw a card. After the dealer called to stop the card, all players must compare the cards with the dealer. J , Q , K and 10 card are counted as 10 points. A card counted as 1 point or 11 points, for the other cards are counted according to the numbers on the cards.

Lose/win Rules of Blackjack

  • 1. Playing the Blackjack, the player’s score is bigger than the dealer, not over than 21 points are considered​ that the player wins, the payout rate is 1 : 1
  • 2. The player’s score and the dealer’s score are equal, is considered equal.
  • 3. Playing Blackjack, if the payer has a stink card, it is considered that the dealer wins without considering the dealer’s scores.
  • 4. The player can win the Blackjack, the player wins by bet 2 get 3. If the dealer and the player can win the Blackjack is considered equal.
  • 5. The Blackjack is bigger than all cards that plus equal 21 points.

The playout rate of Ruby888 BLACKJACK
Example: 20 units per bet

  • If the player wins the dealer by getting a normal card, the players will win 20 (excluding the bets placed).
  • If the player wins the dealer by getting a blackjack card, the player will win 20 * (3/2 = 1.5) = 30 (excluding the bets placed). If the dealer wins the player by getting a blackjack card, the dealer will win 20 * (1/1 = 1) = 20
  • If the player buys 10 units of insurance (bet / 2) and the dealer has blackjack cards, the player will get back 10 * (2/1 = 2) = 20 (excluding the bets placed)
  • If the player collects first, the players will get back. 20 * (1/1 = 1) = 20 Immediately (excluding the bets placed)