How to Access on Football IBET789

By | February 17, 2019

IBT789 เดิมพันกีฬาออนไลน์

How to access IBET789 football betting for a new player or those who has never bet football with iBet789 web, will introduce of how to access football betting, online football with iBet789 web for more details to let the players to access properly and understand the system of other bettings.

Play IBET789 via the Web

แทงบอล iBet789

iBet789 how to play online football betting, online casino in iBet789. The first step, go to the web from link then will see the main page of the website as in the example picture, enter Username-Password and login to the system.

แทงบอล iBet789

Sports Betting Page IBET789

Once logged in to ibet789, the system will bring you to the main page, which is used in sports betting of ibet789. There are many type of sports and games to choose from.

แทงบอล iBet789

Choose a Betting Team

For this step, choose the team that wants to place bets or bet on ibet789, which can be played in many different ways according to the player’s needs.

แทงบอล iBet789

Place bets and confirmation

After selecting the team and the price that needed. Next, enter the bet amount after that click to confirm the bet of football betting in ibet789.