By | February 17, 2019

IBT789 เดิมพันกีฬาออนไลน์

BACCARAT IBET789 the top online casino game which is gained the popularity is number 1 of ibet789 with online Baccarat game and the service is available for 24 hours with the beautiful dealers are waiting for you, ready to dealt the cards, give luck surely every day. Support playing both on iOS / Android, enjoy to all games.

The Rules to play Baccarat ibet789

The method of how to play online Baccarat ibet789, the terms and rules must know before betting on Baccarat game that will use the card from 6 or 8 decks. In each deck, there are 52 cards, totally is 312-416 cards. To predict the result of Baccarat card will devided into 2 sides, Player side with Banker side. By starting to give the card to each side for 2 cards, totally is 4 cards. 1st and the 3rd card will be paid to the “Player” side. The 2nd card and the 4th card will be paid to the “Banker” side.

Vocabularys that should be know in Baccarat iBet789

  • Play is betting on the players side
  • Banker is betting on the banker side
  • Tie Game is an equal score between player and banker
  • Player Pair is the result of a pair of players
  • Banker Pair is the result of a pair of Banker

Rules for the winner in online Baccarat cards iBet789

  • The side with the most scores and closest to 9 points is a winner
  • Place bets on the Player, 1 pay 1
  • Place bets on the Banker, 1 pay 1 but will be deducted 5% which is the commission of the bet
  • Place bets on Tie Game, 1 pay 8
  • The Player pair, 1 pay 11
  • The Banker pair, 1 pay 11
  • When the scores of the cards are equal, both sides do not have to lose. All bets, not only Banker or Player side (Except pair cards) have to withdraw back.