By | March 6, 2019

Green Dragon Fantan is a game with the rules of how to play that is easy to understand. Nowadays, there are many enthusiasts who are very popular to this game.​The equipments that used to bet Online Fan Tan is a live betting game that provided by Green Dragon, using only bean or cloth button 200-300 seeds. Green Dragon Online Fantan is a classic game, after play must be attracted. There are many options to play in Green Dragon online casino.

How to play Green Dragon Online Fan Tan

กำถั่วออนไลน์ Green Dragon

  • Green Dragon Fan Tan Game Part 1
    – Account : Account name : Password. (Username) : Username to login to play in Casino
    – Game : Show the game number at that time for using in referring Green Dragon, in case of the system has a problem
    – Place bets : the amount to place a bet
    – Total bet : The bet amount of Fantan that placed all
    – Total : All bets that you have played
    – Maximum-Minimum bet : Show the maximum-minimum bet in each position that can be stabbed in the Green Dragon Fantan game
    – The real image live from the casino (Small screen) : is a live broadcast image straight from the casino, which will be a live image (Live Realtime)
    – Save : Shows the statistics of past games in various forms choose to consider
  • Play Green Dragon Fan Tan Part 2
    – Table name : Show the name of the table that being play
    – Show the Fan Tan board and position to bring the chip to place bets: which will have the different fields. Let’s the player place the bet on Green Dragon Fan Tan. The player can bet according to their needs, such as 2 digits 1-2 / 1-3 / 1-4 / 2-3 / 2-4 / 3-4 / 3, 1-2-3 / 1-2-4 / 1-3-4 / 2-3-4 etc. and the payout rate according to the conditions.
    – countdown time: shows the time to place the bet, if the time runs out, will not be able to place additional bets
  • Play Green Dragon Fan Tan Part 3
    – Checking : Show the member’s playing details. Member center
    – Service: Show the rules to play game
    – Rules : Show the rules to play online Fan Tan
    –Sound button : is a button to turn on-off the live audio
    – Chip to place bet : The amount of chips is from 10/ 100/ 1000/ 5000 / 10000 / 50000 Green Dragon Fantan can click on the chip and then click on the position to place the bet. If how much that needed tp place, just click repeatedly on the chips. Example: 200 click 2 times on the chip 100, etc.
    – Clear bet : Press to clear all bets that have placed
    – Collect bet : Press to collect the bet that have placed
    – Switch : is a press button to change Fan Tan table to the other tables that you are interested in.
    – Exit : is the back button to go to the casino game selection page.